VM 001054 Large Oval Venetian Mirror

Elevate your space to the epitome of elegance with the Large Oval Venetian Mirror from VenetianMirror.id. Proudly Indonesian, our luxurious mirrors are handmade by skilled artisans who pour their craftsmanship into every product. Made with premium quality 5mm thick Asahi Glass, boasting clarity that stands out in every reflection, these stunningly designed mirrors vouch for durability and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure steadfastness, the mirror adheres to a 12-18mm multiplex, giving it a sturdy structure, resilient to everyday usage. Our mirrors, framed in rich, black paint, add a touch of contemporary design to traditional elegance. The Large Oval Venetian Mirror from VenetianMirror.id not only reflects your image but the sophistication of your preferences.

Choose us to redefine your décor with elegance at every corner. Choose handmade quality. Choose VenetianMirror.id. Transform your space into an elegant masterpiece today!

Size :

120 cm x 60 cm
140 cm x 70 cm
160 cm x 80 cm
180 cm x 90 cm
210 cm x 100 cm

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Dive headfirst into the realm of luxury with our Large Oval Venetian Mirror. This exquisite piece, handcrafted by skilled Indonesian artisans, exudes unmatched elegance, transforming every room into an awe-inspiring space. The unparalleled craftsmanship of traditional glass mirror design fused with modern technology ensures your visual experience is second to none. This is more than just a mirror, it's a work of art that enhances your space with unmatched elegance. Our Large Oval Venetian Mirror is a blend of sophistication and functionality, reflecting not just your image but the timeless beauty within.


  • Handmade Quality: Our mirrors truly stand out. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, these pieces boast a uniqueness that is impossible to replicate with mass-produced products.
  • Direct from Indonesia: Reinforcing our commitment to authenticity, our products are manufactured right in Indonesia, marrying traditional techniques with modern technology.
  • Affordable Wholesale Prices: While our products may reflect premium quality, our prices reflect affordability. We provide top-notch mirrors at unbeatably low wholesale prices.
  • E-commerce Ready Packaging: Our packaging is designed for e-commerce. Robust and reliable, it ensures our mirrors reach you in impeccable condition, making it perfect for retailers looking to resell our products.
  • Hassle-free Replacement: We guarantee your satisfaction. If your mirror arrives damaged, we promise a hassle-free replacement process, standing by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Are you a B2B buyer, a decorator eyeing for fresh interior projects, or a hotel, restaurant, or retailer looking for top-grade glass mirrors to elevate your premises' visual aesthetics? Wait no more, dive into the world of luxury at an affordable price with VenetianMirror.id. Give your space the transformation it deserves with our Large Oval Venetian Mirror and let your walls make a style statement!

Enrich your space with VenetianMirror.id high-quality handcrafted mirrors. Act now and experience style, sophistication and savings!


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